Api Gateway

The Most Modern Cryptocurrency API - Public data, Private date, etc...

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Our bots can track prices for you and do many other things relating to the price and its fluctuations. Our bots are designed to be your fully operational assistants.

Different use-case Scenarios:

Public Data

You can fetch all data through our API which are publicly available for everybody, everywhere, Free forever. Public Data includes: Live Prices, Historical Prices, Exchanges data, all the trading info of all pairs (price, vol, open, high, low), etc...

Private Data

You can do different kinds of activities through our API and giving access to your private data inside Orading Core. You can do whatever you do in Orading app/website through our API, e.g. you can call a "newOrder" method through the API for all of your different exchanges accounts!


Orading gives you the ability to create bots for automating your trading strategies. API-bot is a type of bot that you can command it through our API Gateway. The results of your bots will be publicly/privately shared with you and the others whom followed your bot.


Orading gives you the ability to create bots for automating your trading strategies. TradingView-Bot is a type of bot that receive its signals from TradingView as a Webhook update, You can create your own super-advanced bots on TradingView which decide when to buy, and when to sell, then let Orading do the rest by receiving Buy/Sell signal and apply it to all your destination exchanges accounts.

Social Media Bot

You can create Telegram-Like bots on our social media and command it through our API-Gateway with 100% Telegram-compatible methods to create all kinds of bots you want on our platform! e.g. News-aggregator bot which shares data on your channel, comment moderator bot, etc...

And More...

Hold On! Not finished yet... You can do whatever you like by using our API-gateway, be creative and innovative! Let's create a better and more lovable Crypto-world together...