How does Orading platform work?

Orading is a Trading Platform that allows traders to trade on many exchanges from a single place. We seek to have a better and safer environment for investors and traders. Our goal is to help our users maximize their returns and profits by providing different tools. We have come a long way and encountered many problems, but our passion for assisting people empowers us.

We have spent countless hours building Orading, but We are not done yet! We have many plans, and we never stop adding features to make our Platform more accessible and more efficient. 

We provide our users with various tools to save time and trade more efficiently. Our user-friendly and intelligent interface helps people save time, and it takes almost minimal effort to manage portfolios. You can have your strategy by monitoring different metrics we provide on Orading.

Orading solutions

On Orading, we provide you with a wide variety of tools and features, including but not limited to:

  • Advanced Portfolio manager
  • Multi exchange trading
  • Social trading
  • Providing API

We provide these features with a high level of security and privacy. So There is absolute “NO” risk connecting your exchange accounts to our Platform. Besides, we don’t have direct access to your funds, and your funds are safe on exchanges. We only ask for trading permission, and “NO” withdrawal permission is requested from our side.

Our mission

Cryptocurrencies are going to change our perception of money and financial systems. However, it’s still a long way to go. We know that investing in cryptocurrencies is complicated, and cryptocurrencies are highly volatile. There are thousands of currencies in this market, but the convenience of investing has not been improved. So what we are doing on Orading is a big step forward. The complexity and volatility of this market are some of the barriers that prevent millions of people from entering the market. 

We believe investing in cryptocurrencies is an opportunity that should be available to everyone. The current distribution is centralized, which is against the true nature of this market and technology. We aim to make investing in this market more convenient and joyful. In this way, more people will take advantage of this market and experience financial freedom. Join Orading platform new.