Things to know before using Orading?

Ready to dive into the exciting world of crypto trading? At Orading platform, we want to make sure that our users have the knowledge and tools they need to make informed decisions and stay safe while trading. That’s why we’ve put together this guide of important things to know before you start trading, here are a few important things to keep in mind.

1. Deposits made to your exchange account will be included in your Orading portfolio within 15 minutes. The balance data on your dashboard is also updated every 15 minutes. It means you have to wait approximately 15 minutes or less before executing trades with that asset. The duration is less for Pro users.

2. Before executing trades and applying them to multiple exchange accounts, ensure that you have enough balance on each of the accounts. Otherwise, your trades will not be executed, and you have to go to the “All Signals” page and check failed orders sections. 

3. All actions you take related to trading, after you’ve connected one of your exchange’s accounts are recorded as “Signals”, and you can manage them on the “All signals” page. 

4. As you might know, you can link several exchange accounts to Orading. There will be NO information sharing between Linked exchange accounts to Orading. You can apply a strategy on either one or all of your accounts. 

5. We don’t have direct access to your funds. Your funds are safe on exchanges, and withdrawals must be done from exchanges, “NOT” our platform.

6. Our employees never financially advise you. Our platform does not give users advice regarding trade, strategy, portfolio, etc. 

7. You can trade both manually and via our automation system (e.g. bots) on all exchange accounts simultaneously, it depends on your preferences.

8. If you delete your API Key, you won’t be able to use it by another user on our platform. We may still store some data for 30 days or more, and after that, your data will be permanently deleted from our servers.